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Chatting with Tennessee's own Clark Beckham with American Idol Live! 2015

Linda Brewer - AXS Contributor
By: Linda Brewer AXS Contributor Jul 13, 2015

Being a runner-up is always a downer, a position made fun of with phrases like, "second place is another word for loser." But in reality, especially in any competition that calls for auditions that are held in extremely large numbers, it is no small feat to make it into a contest as such; whether it be art, sports, acting, beauty, modeling or music. Of course the biggie in the reality-music contests is American Idol, which is headed into its 15th season as popular as ever.

On Idol, in particular, just making the show is an amazing bragging right—having been picked over hundreds of thousands hopeful artists (imagined and for real.) One of the real-deal artists who made the pass onto the 14th run of the show was Clark Beckham, making it through week after week, until he was one of the last two standing. Imagine standing on that big stage, knowing there was a 50% chance you were going to wear that Idol crown.

Many Americans were cheering and voting for Clark Beckham, who stood on that 14th season American Idol stage next to Nick Fradiani, but even more Tennesseans were supporting this 22-year-old young man, who not only has a killer voice, but hails from our great state. Beckham is lucky to be from a state that is totally proud and aware of the honor of wearing the runner-up title for a contest of such gargantuan proportions. Seriously, for a 22-year-old artist it’s a mind blowing accomplishment. He should hold his head up proudly, aware of what a huge success that is, and what a lead in to a fantastic career it is. It’s his for the taking.

And that second-place status hasn’t hurt Clark Beckham's popularity in general either, it seems, with his Twitter count at an astounding 66,000 followers so far.

People in Middle Tennessee and beyond are thrilled to see their idol this Friday night, July 17, at the Ryman Auditorium at 8 p.m., when American Idol Live! performs, including Clark Beckham, right on our Grand Ole Opry stage, and in his home state to boot. But before you go to the concert, or rush here to buy tickets, here’s what Beckham has to tell you, Tennessee.

@AXSNashville (AXS): Hi Clark! Can you let your loyal Nashville/Tennessee fans in on what kind of music you’ll be performing on the American Idol Live! tour we’ll be seeing Friday night at Ryman?

Clark Beckham (CB): (I’ll be playing) blues, feel good (music), groovy (stuff), jazz and soul.

AXS: Was it your idea to try out for American Idol?

CB: (No…) My mom told me to try out!

AXS: What's the most exciting news you have to share with fans and readers right this moment?:

CB: The tour is going to be INSANE!

Sounds like we are in for a great time Friday night, doesn’t it? If you can’t go, you can at least check in right here a day or two after to find out what we thought of the American Idol Live! 2015 Tour in the AXSNashville review article.

Now, if you want to keep up with Clark Beckham, it’s simple:

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @ClarkBeckham

And for his pretty music, check out Clark Beckham on iTunes!