Return to Saving Abel
August 27, 2009

Preview Coverage; Saving Abel
Verizon Wireless, Irvine, CA 9/3/09

With a scorching hot summer in effect, the tours taking place have been nothing short of blazing hot as well. Rock giants, Nickelback are out on the road and Virgin Records, Rock quintet Saving Abel have joined the lineup to show off their stuff. With their current single “Drowning (Face Down)” in the Top 5 at Rock Radio, it was a no brainer to get front man Jared Weeks on the line and have him deliver the scoop on how the tour is heating up.

Hi Jared-Congrats on all your successes so far.

Your currently on tour with Nickelback, how is this particular tour different then the other tours you’ve been on? (Ie: Avenged Sevenfold/ Shinedown/Buckcherry)

Um well Avenged Sevenfold and Shinedown and Buckcherry. That was a Great tour, it was Buckcherry, Josh Todd, and all those guys, the guys have been there a lot, been there before. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was going thru that tour and I kinda used it as a learning tool, kind of like we were learning how to act on the Buckcherry tour to get out on the Nickelback tour. I learned a lot, it was one of our first big tours that we went out with. We were filling hockey arenas, Buckcherry and Avenged Sevenfold were filling hockey arenas and now that we are out with Nickelback, it doesn’t matter where we play, it’s always full and its always, always, always sold out. Its amazing man, it kinda reminded me of why I got in this job to begin with. Just seeing Chad Kroger, they have like 12 buses, ya know, these guys really take their production and their job seriously; it’s a good way to be. It obvious why he does it and it definitely keeps me motivated.

With the success you’ve had with singles like: ‘Addicted’ and ‘18 Days’, how are fans reacting when you play newer material such as your current hit Drowning?

They definitely go crazy over ‘Addicted.’ ‘Drowning’ is getting a lot better response than ‘18 days’ right now, usually we’re not used to that but ‘Downing’ is the single that’s out and it’s the single that people are listening to now, so that may be why. I’m not gonna argue with either one, we like connection, you know, reaction.

Since your based out of Memphis TN, is there anything in particular you are anticipating when you play your Sept 3rd show at Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine, CA?

Well, it’s always a little strange ya know. Were from the South and we always get a good welcome when we go there. We all just get along, when you go out West, you’re just kinda antsy and you’re kinda nervous. At least that’s how it was the first time, we played San Diego and L.A. and Bakersfield, I was kinda nervous the first time we went out to CA and started to play. You’re like a fish out of water, it was a whole different world for us, the only thing from CA I knew was stuff I seen on TV. I was kinda nervous, just getting there. I’m a redneck, from Mississipi ya know. But I’m not gonna be as nervous this time, I’m definitely gonna be more open to it this time. I am definitely excited about getting to head out that far, just being able to play our music to those people that far away, I know radio does it but it definitely makes a difference when you’re playing live ya know so we’re definitely appreciative of it.

What’s a favorite highlight during your set that fans can look forward to at your Sept 3rd show?

Definitely ‘Addicted’ but we save that for last. Let see, a highlight, hmm, we give a $1200 guitar away every night.

Do you have any memorable shows or stories on this tour with Nickelback?

Well let’s see, this is the 2nd leg that we’ve been out with Nickelback. It’s always been a good memory man. I tell you what, one of the memorable things for me, it’s not necessarily a show that we did but it was just the simple fact that this is Nickelback. These guys are really, really laid back and they come out and they talk all the time and ask us how we are doing, and what’s going on. Its really cool man cause you don’t expect that. But something that was really memorable for me, was the very first time I talked to Chad Kroger. I was actually waking by singing a song, I was singing a county song at that, by Travis Tritt of all people and I just kinda stopped walking down the hall cause he was coming, first time I ever seen him, I’m nervous like a little kid looking at Santa Clause, I just stopped singing and kinda walked on and minded my own business and was walking on down the hall and before I know it man I was sitting there hearing the voice that I heard before on the Radio and TV and everywhere finish this song that I was singing. That was totally cool man and he just walked up and introduced himself. It made things a little bit less nervous, I was excited to be there, I was like alright cool this guy is awesome, he is a cool guy and he knows Travis Tritt so he is fine by me. It was a memorable moment.

If you love a good rock show (and who doesn’t) make sure to catch these guys in action when they swing by our neck of the woods.