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Friends since high school, 13 years of playing together, over 500 live shows, 2 million records sold, and ready to deliver what will likely be their most anticipated music to date…

"We just naturally write poppy songs with a heavy feel, because that's what we grew up on… heavy metal and pop music," explains Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff. Apparently the formula works, because this onetime garage band out of Orange County has been a mainstay on the modern rock charts ever since the meteoric rise of “My Own Worst Enemy” (Lit’s first single off their 1999 RCA debut, “A Place In the Sun”).

When “My Own Worst Enemy” roared up to number one and remained there for 11 straight weeks (making it the number one rock song of 1999), Lit hit the ground running and never paused to look back. Initially boosted by the momentum of this smash single, Lit’s “A Place In The Sun” album flew off record store shelves faster than the CDs could be pressed. This momentum continued as the band followed up with two more solid chart busters: “Zip-Lock” (#11) & “Miserable” (#3). Finally, when the video for “Miserable” (featuring a scantily-clad Pamela

Anderson) reached MTV’s TRL audience, platinum status was all but guaranteed. Billboard and ASCAP awards were later added to the growing list of accolades already surrounding “My Own Worst Enemy’s” success and this was simply the proverbial “icing on the cake” capping off a two-year long, whirlwind Cinderella ride.

The million-plus fans who snapped up “A Place In The Sun” were eager for more Lit music and the hard working band didn’t keep them waiting. Lit immediately followed up “A Place In The Sun” with a stellar 2001 sophomore effort entitled, “Atomic.” Continuing in their now well-established pattern of success, Lit’s newest single (“Lipstick & Bruises”) shot up the modern rock chart and picked up right where the foursome had left off. Artistically, “Atomic” reflected dynamic growth in the hard and soft sides of Lit’s music, yet the record remained true to the raw sound Lit had been grinding out in Southern California clubs for more than a decade prior to their RCA debut. Singer A. Jay Popoff sums up the band’s mindset and heart space at that time with his take on the song “Lipstick & Bruises.” “It’s a snapshot of success in the rock arena. You push yourself to the limit every day and every night on stage. You leave your guts kind of laying there, so it’s just a feeling you have some mornings when you wake up… you’re covered in lipstick and bruises. It’s crazy, but you just love it and want more.”

While radio and MTV airplay have both played a major part in Lit’s worldwide success, the band’s spectacular live shows and “workhorse” touring ethic cannot be overlooked or understated. Lit has traversed the globe touring as both sold-out headliners and as openers for such heavy hitters as: No Doubt, Kid Rock, The Offspring, KISS, Garbage, and more. Appearances at Woodstock ’99, The 2002 Winter Olympics, MTV’s Spring Break in Cancun, and a spot on The Warped Tour further showcased the band’s explosive performances and demonstrated their broad appeal. Interspersed throughout their jam-packed tour itineraries were multiple television appearances on Leno, Conan, Kilborne, MTV Cribs (Jeremy’s house was featured in 2000), and most recently a performance on the new Sharon Osbourne Show.

Lit is currently finishing up material for a new album, projected for release sometime in early 2004. They hit the road this Fall for a string of west coast dates with American Hi-Fi and then continued on with some headlining shows both here in The States and abroad. When asked about the band’s future and the direction of their music, guitarist Jeremy Popoff responded, "We don't know if there will ever be another ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ and we really aren't focusing on that. As long as we continue improving and each record is better than the last… that's what's important. The minute we try to bottle some sort of formula, we're dead." In closing Jeremy adds, “I’ve been driving around listening to the new stuff and I know everyone always says this… but this will be –by far- our best record yet!”